Discover, classify, and protect
sensitive data across your APIs

Watchtower uses machine learning to identify business-critical data across your APIs, so you can manage & protect your externally facing services.
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Continuously monitor sensitive data that is flowing out of all the services you deploy, known or unknown.

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Classify your sensitive data & authentication status automatically, so nothing gets missed.

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Setup automated workflows for inventories, quarantines, alerts, and more - saving you time and keeping your business safe.

Designed for your APIs & externally facing services.

Watchtower discovers endpoints, new & existing:
And classifies their responses & monitors changes:
"id": "u_3f6f9ef4a742",
"name": "Michael Smith",
"company": "Example Co.",
"phone": "4444444444",
"email": "",
"title": "Data Scientist",
"address_line1": "230 1ST STREET #18F",
"address_line2": null,
"address_city": "SAN FRANCISCO",
"address_state": "CA",
"address_zip": "94104",
"address_country": "UNITED STATES",
"ip_address": "",
"date_created": "2018-07-08T19:21:45.824Z",
"date_modified": "2018-07-08T19:21:45.824Z",
"object": "user"

Inventory your services, and address real risk.

Endpoint Auth Status Description Action Unauthenticated Found sensitive types: ID, Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Location, IP Address. Unauthenticated Found sensitive types: ID, Name, Email Address. Authenticated No sensitive data. None Required No sensitive data.